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St Stephen's Church of England Primary School

St Stephen's Church of England Primary School


In Year Six, children are poised for success as they navigate the final stage of their primary education. The full impact of our spiralling curriculum, in conjunction with adaptive learning strategies, becomes evident. The curriculum fine-tunes the children’s individual strengths, preparing them for the challenges ahead. Cooperative learning experiences install a sense of community and shared responsibility, making Year Six a time of growth, achievement, and readiness for the next chapter in their educational journey.


  • Read every day for at least 20 mins and complete one of the guided reading log activities. 
  • Complete one of the 60 second/ short comprehensions each day.
  • Complete one of the longer comprehensions each week.
  • Complete one of the reading assessments each week.


  • Complete one of the creative writing tasks - see Pobble 365 for more inspiration.


  • Complete a arithmetic test each day
  • Choose from one of the maths activities to do each dat.
  • Complete one of the maths assessments each week.


  • Choose one of the history/science activities to do per week.

Other links :

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