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St Stephen's Church of England Primary School

St Stephen's Church of England Primary School

Year 5 Guide

I hope you are all well. Here is some guidance on how to use the homework pack.

To help children to keep a routine, I would suggest you follow a similar daily structure that we have at school. That means doing reading first in the morning, then writing and maths. In the afternoon, you can do science and theme (I will email you ideas for theme work this week). 


There are short reading comprehensions in the pack or the children can read one of the books they took home (or already have at home) and complete a task from the guided reading activity sheet. Reading activities should be done daily. 


There are seven writing tasks in the pack. How this could be organised is that children prepare for their writing one day and then do the writing the next day. Ask children about the different ways we have planned for writing in class: spider webs, story mountains, story maps. 


There are some ideas for maths games in the pack with guidance to parents, use these as warm-up activities. You can then work through a page or two of the maths activities.

There are also grammar and spelling activities, which can be completed as part of your writing session or separately in the afternoon. 

If you have any questions on the maths - or any other topic - email me using the email address. I will check my emails daily. 

Stay safe and hopefully we see each other again soon!