St Stephen's Church of England Primary School

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As our young scholars enter Year One, they encounter an exciting blend of structure and flexibility. Our unique curriculum comes to life through adaptive learning strategies (dual coding and supportive scaffolding) tailored to individual needs. Cooperative learning activities in Year One foster teamwork, communication, and a sense of shared achievement, setting the stage for academic success and personal growth.


  • Two pages per day of maths starting with pages 2/3 in the math CGP books


  • Two pages per day of literacy starting with pages 2/3 in the literacy CGP books.


Remember to read at least three pages every day!

Reading takes you to places you've never been!!

Audible has announced that hundreds of their children’s audiobooks will be free during school closure. They are available to stream on laptops, phones or tablets.

See here for more information:

Audible Stories

Writing ideas for notebook:

  • Write a diary entry of your day.
  • Write a poem using rhyming words.
  • Draw images from the story and write a recount of the story read.
  • Write a character description of your favourite character from the story.
  • Write a letter to a friend about your adventures at home.
  • Write in role as a character from a story you have read.

N.B. Don’t forget to start with a capital letter and end with a full stop. Remember to add adjectives, conjunctions and time connectives when writing. Try to use different forms of punctuations at the end of your sentences!


Plant a seed and watch it grow. Write a daily observation about it as you go! Measure how tall it gets! Has it reached the ceiling yet?

Mystery Science



Phonics Play

Phonics Play

Picture match

Buried Treasure


Choose 10 words your child is unable to spell, then practice them throughout the week. Spelling test on Friday!


  • Create your own colour wheel using the primary colours.
  • Draw and colour images of your family members and challenge them to sit still!
  • Create a collage using different bits you can find around the house to make a garden. 

Useful Websites


BBC Bite size

Audible Stories


I hope this helps.


Mr Hamilton