St Stephen's Church of England Primary School

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Year 4 Guide

In Year Four, our children embrace a balance of structure and autonomy. Adaptive learning strategies empower them to take ownership of their education, while cooperative projects foster a sense of responsibility and teamwork. Engaging with our spiralling curriculum becomes an exciting journey of              self-discovery, collaboration, and academic excellence.

Grammar, punctuation and spelling

  • Complete one of the SPAG (grammar and punctuation) activity each day.


  • Read every day for at least 20 mins and complete one of the guided reading log activities. 

  • Complete one of the short comprehensions each day.


  •  Complete one of the creative writing tasks - see Pobble 365 for more inspiration.


  • Complete a arithmetic test each day

  • Choose from one of the maths activities each day.


  • Choose one of the history activities on the Romans and science activities on States of Matter to do per week.

I hope this helps.

Mrs Walker Elliott