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News Archive April 2016

The new Children's Centre programme
April, May Programme...
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...Free Program for Expectant Parents and Families with Children 0-5 years.

Free Friendly, helpful family support, training, benefits,
access to childcare and healthcare.

Fun, free learning activities for you to do with your child.

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Coffee Mornings
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  • 19th April 9am – Peer Mentoring system
  • 20th April 9am – Parent Mail
  • 21st April 2.45pm – Parent mail
  • 28th April 9am – Maths for Play ( Nursery and Reception Parents only )
  • 3rd May 9am – British Values

March 2016 newsletter - See it here!
School news, events and key dates...
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...the St Stephen's March Newsletter is now available.

Topics included in the newsletter:

  • Christian Value for the month
  • Welcome to our new Premisis Officer
  • Diary dates
  • Sciencetastic
  • PPTA news
  • Creativity in Year 3
  • Year 4 Curiosity Conference
  • Year 2 Superheros

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Information for parents (KS1/KS2 tests)
For parents who have a child in primary school in year 2 or year 6...
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...Your child will be taking the national curriculum tests (SATs) in May 2016. The tests will provide information about how your child is progressing, compared to children the same age nationally.

They are not qualifications and don’t affect your child’s future options in school.

The results are used to ensure that schools are teaching their pupils the essential knowledge and skills in the subjects that are the early building blocks.

This is to ensure every child reaches their full potential.

There are changes to the tests this year at both key stages. This is because the tests are based on the new national curriculum, which your child has been taught since September 2014.

2016 national curriculum tests for key stages 1 and 2: information for parents See the
.GOV website >>

KS1 tests - year 2 pupils

The main changes to the tests this year are:

A new test of grammar, punctuation and spelling to check your child is reaching the expected standards with the building blocks of writing.
A new arithmetic test to check your child’s ability in basic mathematics.

Your child will take these tests during May at a time determined by the school. They are not strictly timed tests. Most pupils will be unaware they are taking
them as teachers will incorporate them into everyday classroom practice.

KS2 tests – year 6 pupils

The main changes to the tests this year are:

The inclusion of questions to assess new areas of core subjects in the national curriculum your child has been taught.
A new arithmetic test to check your child is progressing with the fundamentals of mathematics.

Your child will take these tests on set dates, unless he or she is absent, when they may be able to take them up to 5 school days afterwards.


Building works
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  • Creating a safer and inviting entrance
  • Improving staffing and pupils wellbeing
  • Easier access for everyone
  • Improving the security.


February 2015 - The school applied to the Diocese for funding to improve the security to the foyer (reception area) admin, office and staff room.

May 2015 - received £230,000 funding from Southwark Diocesan Board of Education.

August 2015 - Planning application submitted.

September 2015 - Planning application approved.

November 2015 - building works went out to tender. Aspect construction chosen.

January 2016 - School notified of start date for building works.

February 2016 - Building works start and should last for 16 weeks.


February 2016 newsletter
Get up to date with the school news...
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...the St Stephen's February Newsletter is now available.

Topics included in the newsletter:

  • Christian Value for the month
  • Farewell & Good luck
  • Diary dates
  • Children’s work
  • PPTA/coffee mornings
  • Building works
  • Children Centre Programme

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