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St. Stephen’s Church of England Primary School, Lambeth

Becoming a Governor

Information for Prospective Governors

St Stephen’s CE Primary School are always pleased to talk to anyone who might wish to become a governor even if there is no current vacancy.

If you would like more information, please contact the School Office or email

What are Governors?

All governors share the responsibility of making the governing body effective and efficient by setting the remit of the body and its committees, being well-informed and attending the meetings.

The strength of a governing body lies in its ability to attract and rely upon members from a wide variety of backgrounds, share out the duties amongst its members, and be able to take decisions as a group. No one governor is expected to know it all.

No one governor is responsible for the governing body, not even the chairman. All governors, once appointed, share the responsibilities and work as a team.

Individuals are part of the corporate governing body and duties are carried out as part of the team.

Governors are not legally liable as individuals.

The role of the school governor is to:

But you should do these things as a governing body, not as an individual governor, and in all such matters you should act with knowledge and understanding of the school.

From A Working Partnership by Joan Sallis

What we hope you will get out of being a governor

What we hope you will be able to offer:

Responsibilities and Expectations

Governing bodies are the strategic planners of schools In order to do this a governing body:

Governors are appointed to provide

Governors are responsible for:

School governors are expected to:

Decisions of the governing body are made in formal meetings, either with the full governing body or in committees. St Stephens Governing Body meets once every half term. There are three main committees, Achievement and Partnership, Resources and Steering, which also meet once every half term to report to and aid the work of the governing body.


List of Governors
Governors records of Business Interests
Governors meetings attendance record
Governing body committees
Becoming a Governor

To apply to be a governor of our school,
please print out the form below, fill in the details and post to the school office.